to print, fill out on paper, or fill-out on screen, then print, to bring with you to your visit.
Medical Drop-Off Form
Spay/Neuter Pre-Surgical Form
Boarding Drop-Off Form   (for established clients)
Boarding Questionnaire   (for first-time boarders)


Welcome to
Ardmore Animal Hospital and welcome to the family.


We want your visit to be as enjoyable and stress-free as possible, so we've assembled some useful information along with some of our forms online so you can have a chance to review the process, know a little bit about what to expect, and even get a head start at home if you'd like.


If you're visiting in order to board please click HERE.


Preparing for your visit

Night Before

  • If your animal is scheduled for surgery, it is important to stop feeding by midnight the night before coming in, unless otherwise indicated by the doctor or technician. Please keep fresh water out overnight as normal.

    Please either print out and fill in the Spay/Neuter Pre-Surgical Form by hand, or you can fill it out on the screen and then print it to bring along with you.


  • If you are coming in response to a medical issue and will be dropping off your pet for an exam and treatment, please either print out and fill in the Medical Drop-Off form by hand, or you can fill it out on the screen and then print it to bring along with you. This ensures we get a good idea of what the issues are in your case, and saves time when dropping off. If you are a new client, we'll need additional initial information at reception.


Before Leaving Home

  • It is highly recommended that your pet have a name tag on its collar. It always helps to identify your pet and its belongings before coming to the hospital or to board. This is good safety practice in general. If you're interested, ask about micro-chipping as a further means of secure identification. We provide this service which includes lifetime registration.


  • With all animals it makes a lot of sense to have the morning constitutional (potty break) before traveling to the clinic. This reduces embarrassing accidents. However, we've seen it all before, so don't feel bad if there is a surprise. Sometimes in all the excitement, an accident can't be helped.


  • For your own safety and the safety of your pets, it is recommended that you use leashes or crates for transporting animals. For cats and small dogs, it may be most convenient for all, to bring them into the clinic in the crate. We can measure their weight while inside, and temporarily store the crate for the duration of the visit. It helps to put your name on the crate ahead of time.


Upon Arrival


  • If you're coming for a scheduled wellness exam, please check-in at reception counter. Our staff will greet you and enter any needed information into our computer database. Once an exam room becomes available we'll escort you and your pet to our weigh-in scale, and then on to your appointment with our medical staff.


  • We will receive cats and dogs for drop-off exams, treatments, baths, and scheduled surgeries at the reception desk. Here animals are transferred from owners to staff, and we prefer to use our clinic leashes to bring dogs back into the hospital. We'll ask you to hold onto your own leash for safe-keeping. The exception to this would be while-you-wait treatments like toenail trims, and suture removal.


Picking up after Drop-Off Exam or Surgery


  • Our medical staff will be in touch with you by phone following an exam, or surgery, to give you details, suggest a course of action, a follow-up procedure, and to let you know when your pet will be discharged.


  • Generally, canine spays and neuters may be picked up at the end of day, if surgery took place in the morning. Cat spays and neuters generally stay overnight for observation, due to the inherent differences in feline anesthesia recovery. 


Fleas, Ticks, and Heartworm Prevention


  • Our reception staff will be happy to share with you the options for preventative treatments for heartworm, fleas, and ticks. Please note, annual exams are required in order to obtain prescription medications. You may still qualify for refills, according to your last exam date. Just ask our staff and they'll verify your record on our system.